Vegetable Names in Urdu with English

Vegetables are the essential parts of plants that are utilized by human beings, animals, insects, and birds, etc. vegetables are the edible plant content like flowers, and leaves, etc. there are hundreds of vegetables in the world that are utilized for different purposes. Some famous vegetables include potato, tomato, carrot, reddish, cucumber, and many more.
There are several health benefits of consuming vegetables.


Vegetables are vital sources of various nutrients, counting potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin C, and vitamin A.
Dietary fibers reduce blood cholesterol levels and decrease the chances of heart diseases. Fibers help in the natural bowel movement. These induce a feeling of fullness with low calories, which is a plus point for those who eat a lot.
Diets with high potassium content may help to sustain consistent blood pressure.
Vitamin A is essential for good skin and protects against infections.
Vitamin C aids patch up wounds and scratches and save teeth and gums. Vitamin C helps in the consumption of iron.

Health benefits:

Consuming a diet ironic in certain vegetables and fruits as a portion of a completely healthy diet might guard against certain kinds of malignancies.
Consuming food unexpectedly in certain vegetables and fruits as a portion of a completely healthy diet might reduce the risk of certain heart diseases.
Eating vegetables may decrease menace for cancer, stroke, and heart diseases.
Consumption of vegetables gives us a youthful appearance, redness to the skin, fresh and healthy look.
One of the basic benefits of using plants is that they reduce tension as they contain specific components that help in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Hence, consuming vegetables on and off can keep you away from many diseases.


Vegetable Names in English and Urdu

Okra / بھنڈی
Onion / پیاز
Pea / مٹر
Potato / آلو
Radish / مولی
Spinach / پالک
Tomato / ٹماٹر
Celery / اجمود
Chili / مرچ
Corn / مکئی
Cucumber / کھیرا
Garlic / لہسن
Ginger / ادرک
Zucchini / تری
Green Bean / سبز پہلی
Eggplant / بینگن
Turnip / شلجم
Bell Pepper / شملہ مرچ
Bitter Gourd / کریلا
Cabbage / گوبھی
Cauliflower / پھول گوبھی
Apple Gourd / ٹنڈے
Bottle Gourd / لوکی
Carrot / گاجر
Coriander / دھنیا
Mustard Leaves / سلاد پتا
Fennel / موٹی سونف
Beetroot / چقندر
Spring onion / ہرا پیاز
Sweet potato / شکر قندی
Olive / زیتون
Lemon / لیموں
Mint / پودینہ

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