Golden words in English

Golden words

Golden words are key to success. Either they are in English, Urdu or any other language. We always want to make our children learn the golden words. Golden words, including Thank you, sorry, welcome, may I, Please, Excuse me, and many other kind gestures. These are some little gestures, which everyone wants to hear in return for the situation they face. Here are some golden words, which are the basics in any relationship and must be uttered at the hour of need:

Here is a list of certain golden words in English for the students to learn and get benefited from them.
By having a look over these words, you can flourish your thoughts and know the reason behind success and prosperity.

Golden Words

Golden words are basic ethics

Thank you: if someone goes gentle with you or helps you in any of your tasks, say Thank you for helping me, I am highly obliged. This word is not as big as we think, but for the other person, it might be a mood changer. Help people grow by giving them little happiness like this.

Sorry: for being wrong, or for hurting someone, or if you break something accidentally, sorry is the master of all the golden words, which can help things sort out. Sorry has the power to resolve many of the significant issues, which cannot be sorted out by any other means.

May I: before taking anything, or before entering someone’s private place, start from asking May I? this can help in making a pleasant environment, and the other person can go good on different terms. May I has the charm of making a prominent place in other people’s hearts.

Please: requesting the other person by saying Please makes a soft corner for you in their heart. Asking for something by saying please has a different impact. You want help, ask them by saying, “Please help me,” and see them helping you in every possible way. Please, gives you the power to get every possible work done.

Excuse me: excuse me is used in two different ways. Asking for something, say excuse me, or asking for an apology, say excuse my behavior, etc. this puts a positive impression on other people and sort out little things with peace.

Golden words are basic ethics, which everyone should learn and apply in daily life. Although they seem just words, they are words having a lot of power in them.

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